Chicken George’s – The Pit

The Pit

Although the seasons

Come and go,

I pray that my sobriety

Will constantly grow.

For years on end

I’ve tried to quit,

To pull myself out

 Of that deep, dark pit.

It was years ago

 When I fell into the trap,

It’s filled with alcohol,

 Drugs and crap.

The walls are soaked

 With suffering and pain,

The guilt and remorse

Eat away at my brain.

I pulled myself out

 A couple of times,

But I fell back into

The stinking slime.

Each time I fell

Things got worse,

Will ever get rid

Of this terrible curse?

About a month ago,

Much to my surprise,

A rope (was) dangling

In front of my eyes.

I grabbed and pulled

So desperately,

I’d thought there was

No hope left for me.

As each day went by,

I pulled closer to the top,

The light is so bright;

 I feel my eyes will pop.

Finally, I’ve pulled myself out of that pit,

I’m a thankful sober person wherever I sit.

I pray to God, to help me with this affliction,

So I’ll never go back to that pit of addiction.

I pray and give thanks to all who helped me,

Because of your kindness, now I can see.


The rope that was thrown so lovingly to me,

Had a note at the end, I can clearly see.

It says, “Keep things simple,” “One day at a time.”

Because if you don’t, you’ll be back in that slime.


I wondered who would care about a drunk like me,

And down in the corner it read, “God is with thee.”

Thanks for my new life.

-guest poet

George M./Chicken George.

excerpt from Volume 1 Issue 4 April 2008 Vox Populus

The Community Village Newsletter

Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada.

inserted in this blog with permission of the author. 


Ain’t life grand?

Image via Wikipedia
Image via Wikipedia

“When the sun in the morning

Peaks over the hill

I wake up with the lilacs

On Mocking Bird Hill

Trah laa lah tweedly dee dee

It gives me a thrill

To wake up in the morning

On Mocking Bird Hill”

Oh what rejoicing to hear that old song

I remember how wonderful it was to sing along.

I was just a young woman

Or perhaps a wild child

Life was so full of wonder.

Curiosity had its own wondrous pile

I lived in Europe in the sixties

It was “flower power” you see.

I was young, curious and romantic

It was great to be me.

I had long flowing hair

Dyed strawberry-b

English: Rhein View From AltStadt - Dusseldorf
Image via Wikipedia


There was open air markets

The vendors sang their song.

“Fresh fruit”  and “flowers”  “soft hot brochien” too.

They would haggle their prices

They expected you to.

Large knock-wurst and veisswurst

On a large open bun

Then the Dusseldorf mustard added to the fun.

You bit into to the sausage

You don’t have to guess

Big gobs of mustard ran over your chin

Dripped onto your dress.

You threw back your head in a mischievous grin.

Stashing a dill pickle for the walk home

The hills of the city were my favorite places to roam.

The talking and laughter when you rode the tour bus

Was nothing like the silence you get here with us.

The soccer matches were blaring above the conversational roar

Oh, the great magic as they called out the score.

Because I spoke English they thought Britain my team

So they poured  my congratulations in a never-ending stream

Of liquid libations in various glasses.

I often wonder if Germany had won that day

How in the world  was I ever going to pay

For all the eighty nationals riding on the tour

I think I would still be washing dishes

That is for sure.

We took the bus to ride on the boat

Down the Rhine to the castle tour

The dirt in the river kept it afloat.

My landlord’s wife had packed us a lunch

There were garlic sandwiches

We were a stinking bunch.

We toured through the castles

We walked up to the turrets

Oh what a view

Of farm lands and gentle hills

Industrial areas too.

The hospitality of the castles

Included the wine cellars

With the various flavors in a wondrous display

I lived there for almost six years

No wonder I have ‘dementia’ today.

Seriously folks I have had a great life

My memories of the travel, step-children, hard work

Gives spring to my step today.

Life is here in this moment.

I learned of many cultures

Many songs and stories too.

Most of all I learned how important it is

To awaken with song.

To give of that beauty all day long.

Sometimes it flows easy.

Sometimes there are shards.

But I do my  best.

Give the Master the rest

I do not make my life hard.

So ask I you when you look inward

Give yourself a break

Know that you are poetry in motion

For goodness sake….

Know that and be that.

Your Light will shine through.

Know that “life is worth the living”

Be kind,  be more forgiving

In all that you do.

Now I ask you with a open hand

Ain’t life grand?