The Addict in the Green Velvet Dress

She shared her story.

You could see it was true.

She talked of pain and hardship.

She spoke of recovery

How she made it through.

(Just like me and you.)

She shared from her heart.

She told it with all her love.

She told it like a steel fist

Wrapped in a velvet glove.

Her words gripped my heart.

Her words made me laugh.

Her words helped me cry.

Her words helped me identify.

Her journey outlined my path.

I did not have to ask why.

I looked in and knew her heart

Like never before.

When she was finished

I wanted to hear more.

I want to ask questions.

“What did you do when you felt…lonely?

How did you get past a parent’s death?”

(It was as if she had heard me.)

She spoke of “repreieve’.

She spoke of the miracle.

She spoke of the truth of the program…

This wonderful addict

In the ‘green velvet dress”

I know, now, why recovery is her life.

I do not have to guess.

She spoke with great courage.

She spoke with the voice

Of one who stood for her choices.

I can truly rejoice.

I thank the Master

Who gave her the call.

I thank the dear lady

Who shared with us all.

What a shining example

Of recovery she is.

She was honest, straightforward,

Out-spoken and plain.

Then in the next breathe

You could hear

Her Higher Power’s eloquence reign.

It was a wonderful experience

Of renewal for me

Sitting there with the newcomer.

There with her friends

She told her story

It made several hearts mend.

Edification, empowerment too….

Yes, dear addict in the green dress,

My hat’s off to you.



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