Laughing Addicts

Have you ever

Heard the laughter

Of the folks

Who made it “Home”?

The ones who walked

Wondered and waited

Just to see a smile.

Recovery is a joyous gift

That brightens up the Soul.

The laughter returns as we share

Our Journey to the things that made us whole.

Thanks for the song of laughter

That gives laughter to my night.

Thanks for the smile

That makes it worthwhile

As you show me how to live.

Admist the chaos and confusion

While working through the Steps

You get a chance for Soul’s romance

In learning how to forgive.

Having a disease that can destroy and maim

Caused me to search everywhere

Before recovery was mine to claim.

I thank you for your laughter

I treasure it and tuck it in my heart.

While living in the moment

Laughter is a great place to start.