Epitaph to Insanity

Epitaph to Insanity. –


You came to me

As if a friend,

And stole

My Soul

In the end.

My many friends

And loved ones true,

You did your best

To steal them too.

But with the angels

Love and grace,

I’ve been lifted

From that awful place.

And now I leave you

Six feet down,

Rotting beneath

Your evil crown.

-Guest poet

Sherman R.






Is there email in Heaven?


Is there email in Heaven?

Well, I suppose there is of a sort.

The instant communication that is very deep in the heart

Is conveyed and received before the “thought’ starts.

The all knowing,

The all being,

The all seeing place

Has a deep serenity

Sitting so close to God’s face.

That love and the assurance

In this moment is mine

When I practice the presence

Of love’s own Divine.