The Long Lost Boozer


This birthday card is dedicated to a drunk I was in love with who was still in love with the bottle and the addiction.



It is your birthday.

You were important to me.

I was not important to you.

That made me sad.

Saying good-bye to you

Made me glad.

Your being emotionally unavailable

Made it mandatory.

That was too too bad.


I picked your most favorite herb.

I planted it in a beautiful pot.

I did it with the love of My Higher Power.

The gift was from Him.

Through me.

It healed my pain of bad choices to do this.

The gift is through Him to me

That you are no longer in my life.


I gave us both a birthday gift.


I perceive I will enjoy mine

Very much.

How, or if, you enjoy yours

It not my business.

So long as you stay away.

If someday, you discover that

You want recovery

More than your addiction

You can give yourself a birthday gift.

You can have a new life.







Happy Birthday Brother

Happy Birthday Brother

You were always a leader.

Whether it was chasing away the neigbours sheep

Or drving the jitney wagon

You always lead.

Today, as your birthday arrives

You are leading again.

You are the first to celebrate

A Birthday without your darling Mother.

Mark this day with some rejoicing.

She speaks volume through nature.

She sent a beautiful snowy owl for me to see.

I will send it to you.

It, like Mother, flys free now.

She was blessed when you were born.

We have been blessed by you each day.

Emjoy this one.

It is yours.

She loved you so much.

Be happy in that love.

The snowy owl photo is on its way.

I love you brother.

Thanks for leading the way.

Happy Birthday Brother.


I planted your Words deep

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Mother, I went to the bush to-day

to hear you speak in the silence.

At the graveside, you spoke

to my heart and said

“Be observant.”

A few feet away from that moment

I found some wonderful feathers.

I shared them with the family.

Today, alone in the forest,  with friends waiting

while I took our pine cones

(from Thanksgiving when we went for our walk) 

and returned them to the earth….

You spoke again.

“Be Observant”

There at my feet was a wonderful rock.

Off to my right were

three trees standing together.

I had gone to go hug a tree.

The tress were standing

together in such a way

That one supported my back

and the other two held my arms.

You hugged me through the three trees.

I was so blessed.

Thanks for teaching me.

Thanks for planting

your words deep in my heart.

Thanks for the gratitude

rock for my pocket.

Thanks for planting

your words deep in my heart.