1965 Part Two


Underneath the earth’s black core

I found a rock of precious stone.

I took it home and hid it away

Never trusting my luck that

I had found it.

But when I died it did not stay there.

It was cut and shaped for the world to share.

So, if, you have a hoarded gem.

Stop and think of how its been.

Now one ever knowing it was there….

And you too miserable to share its beauty.


If you could have the happiness

That you give others.

If you could hear their praises

The pride when they speak your name.

If you could know how thoughts of you

Fill their lonely hours

And drive away the pain.

You wouldn’t sit there wondering

And thinking as you do.

You’d look up at me and see

What I say is true.

Seasons of Love

The forest is dancing with colour.

The brook is singing a happy song.

This is a picturesque time of year.

I am glad that you are near.

The trees are covered with whipping cream

Skaters are dancing on the stream

The lights on our tree are nice and clear

And I am glad that you are near.

The buds are blooming on the branches.

The water promises many romances.

The day is warm; the sky is blue

And I am still so happy

To be with you.


The saying is

“That a man is only as good

As the woman behind him.”

I believe that a Woman

Is only a Woman

With the right man.

If she can find him!


Do you think for one moment…

That I lived before

You came and made it worth the while.

And could you ever possibly guess the hell I

Should have to face

If you are gone?


Happiness is many things:

A child that smiles

A bird that sings.

But my Happiness

Is Precious, Dear

For it’s the moments when you’re near!


I see her sitting there alone.

Waiting, quietly all alone.

I pity her.

She is thinking of the days

Before her children

Went their ways…

How often they would laugh and chime

While climbing up to the hill

To be on time..

To meet her husband, their Father.

Her family was complete.

And now her thoughts come back

To watching people on the street.

It is as she watches me  that she sees…

The empty carriage that we push.

She pities me.


Into my book, I press a leaf.

Onto the leaf, many lines

As the leaf is pressed


An aroma breaks upon the air


Upward, upward, upward


Is gone


I do have a leaf

And some lines well pressed

That is worth the living!


Go away, so I can miss you.

Go far away, so I can hold my memories close.

Go beyond the next hill and when you get there


And remember that I love and always will.

But for now —- leave me,

And go to her and then

Someday when she has crushed your spirit’s

And made you pay…

Remember, I told you to go away.


Many roads have I traveled

Many highways and paths

Many hearts have I entered

And they entered mine.

But all I have left is this silly old rhyme.

If someday this rhyme

Could tell of all the joys

That was given so free

There would never be silence

Or hearts filled with pain.

For the lovely things

Will always remain.

Lost Lagoon

Water dancing by the highway

Or trickling down a mountain

Never has quite the appeal

As a child-covered-fountain.

Heart Beat

I may never be a poet,

Writer, or singer to a throng

But in my heart are many words

And my pencil glides along.


Do you have a candle?

Have you lit it recently?

Have you bowed your head

In silent thanks for blessings

Given thee?

Have you written to a Friend?

Had a neighbour in for tea?

Gone across the street to help another

Shared your smile graciously?

Lift up your eyes;

Give thanks;


And do something for a change

It is boring hearing just your voice.

But when your voice is blended

With many many more

You’ll find the road is brighter

And lighter is the chore.


I miss the laughter in your eyes.

The smile in just a look.

The gentle hand clasped round my cheek.

And our own hide-away nook.

I miss the sunrise we often shared.

The quiet talks;

Staying up late.

I know I miss them now my love.

For now, it is too late!


I wish I didn’t love you

The way you haunt my brain

I wish I didn’t need you

The way your touch drives away pain

I wish I didn’t want you

The way you make life worth-while

I wish I didn’t love you

But then “dammit all”

You smile.

Cochrane Lake

If you would like to see

All of Canada’s beauty

Rolled up into one

Visit Cochrane Lakes

As it is setting sun.

The mountains stand on guard to see the

Lady gather up her gown of light.

The trees spread wide their

Arms to welcome in the night.

And the lake, the lake who gives so much beauty

Now graciously reflects that of the sun.

So stand some night by Cochrane Lake

For all of Canada’s beauty rolled up into one.

The Birthday Poem 1965

This birthday poem is written for you.

In partial thanks for the things that you do.

You stew and worry and get all upset

But I think you realize as plain as is day

That I love my Daddy

In my own special way.

I don’t write letters

Or visit a lot

But I know where to go

When on a spot…

Or looking for work to do

(Man is there a lot)!

Forgive my ‘funning” as I try to explain

And I give you my love

On your Birthday again.


1965 Part One

Poems from 1965 (all written by MaryHelen Ferris)

Happy Birthday 1965 to Chester Elmer Gilbert)

This Book is humbly dedicated to My Daddy
As it was he who helped me to have
A Poet’s Hand and a dreamer’s Heart
…But most of all
A Little Girl’s Love
Mhf 1965 January

As I graduate from High School this was in my Year Book

    School Days

A tear, a sigh, a wave good-bye
To crushes, hushes, and hidden secrets.
We are leaving.
You that remain will have
Joke, cokes
And romances
That spring from dances.
Scenes, jeans
Books and nooks,
Jumping and jumbled
Together in a maze.
What is this,
A craze?
No, simply
School days
To which we bid farewell.


I see you hiding behind the smile
Acting so gay
And yet once in a while
The longing, loneliness shows through..

    One Desire

Turning on your “heal”
You walked away…
What are you going to do now?
Won’t you still need me somehow?
I may not look for it
But will see it in a crowd,
On a screen, in a crowd.
A shy smile midst a shroud
Of worry and loneliness.
Please come back.
One thing I never told you.
I need you —oh it’s true.

    Alone In Time

Loneliness is like a gulf
Memories “laid” carefully on a shelf.

A Big Thought

A little girl
A little boy
Some little toys
A little whirl.
But know they are big.

    Love sans Marriage

A little tiny seed
On the ground
It was nourished and grew.
The plant bore fruit.
Was the prize bloom.
On close examination one saw
The only thing
Which kept this plant
From being nourished—
It grew through a silver ring
And was crushed by it.
This did not defile its beauty.

    The Search

Someday, I’ll find you.
Someday, I’ll know.
Someday, you’ll take my hand.
Oh time, please go!

    Key for the Lock

A searching heart
Makes may mistakes.
An empty heart
Never knows when it breaks.
A longing heart
Sounds like an angry roar.
But, a loving heart
Opens its door.

    Greener (?) Grass

Walk with me a little while:
See the world, how it longs to smile.
See the wind, how it longs to blow.
See the earth, how it longs to go.
See the water, how it longs to flow.
See the cloud, how it longs to glide.
See the fire, how it longs to hide.
See the steel how it longs to bend.
See the road, how it longs to end.
See the bird, how it longs to fly.
See other people:
Wishing they were you and I.

    An Early Kiss

Yours is cubicle now brightened
Perhaps by the smallest most everyday
Occurrence —A Sunrise.
Mine is brightened to glowing
By the most unusual
An understanding heart.

    Fondest Farewell

The beginning of love is sacrifice.
Man sacrifices freedom for a wife.
A woman suffers pain to bring a life.
A seed hides in the ground away from the sun
And fights the earth as other seeds has done.
So must I: now sacrifice something precious, dear.
But, by this lone act: bring your happiness more near.


Time can take some precious things.
A life that breathes.
A brook that sings.
A face that sparkles now
With youth.
A moment of laughter, fear or truth.
Time can even take you away from me.
Take this moment that we share
And dash it into nothingness.
If time should so heartless be
Pick up this book and you will see
How much I love you at this moment.
Then you’d know:
That Time cannot steal