How to make it through today

I have surrendered all that I am

To the great I am.

That is the only way

I know

How to make it

through today.

Today, it the beginning of a journey

I never ever wanted to make.

A day without you.

A day without the family surrounding each other.

A day that alternately swoops over me.

A day that sustains me.

A windy cold day in the Northern part of Alberta.

A day to begin an adventure.

A day to rejoice.

A day to revitalize and remember

A loving Mother.

Who is “free at last”.

“My goodness gracious

Child, your actions drive me wild.”

I need not sit too long

being introspective.

Your love is always with me.

My spirit not quite resurrected.

How to face the face that faces the day.

Oh, yes, dear Mother….

I will remember to pray.

I will remember the lessons.

I will remember the joy.

I will honor your life by forgiving

all the times I did not start the day with thinking of you.

I will honor those you loved

by sending them a hug

by giving a smile

by making my day

without you here

A day that is truly worthwhile.

Thank you Mother

for the things you taught.

Thank you Mother

for the things you forgot.

Thanks my Mother

for teaching me living.

Thanks beloved Mother

for a reason for giving.

Now, I can wash my face and put on a smile of remembrances.

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