Sunday Fellow

There are times I wish I had a Sunday fellow

Someone to help make Saturday night

Warm and mellow.

Reality rears its ugly head.

I get to continue spring cleaning instead.

I am a little angry

He never calls.

He never keeps his word.

And I want him for my Sunday fellow







How’s Your Love Life?



“How’s your love life?”

We use to say.

We would stop and gossip

No time to pray.

There were romances

that sprung

from dances.

What was this a craze?

No simply school daze

To which we bid farewell.

“How’s the beau?”

Folks would ask.

“Is he the one?

Is it going to last?

What’s that you say?

He’s off to war?

We have lost too many

How many more?”

The days passed slowly.

There was no news.

We worked in the factories.

Sat in the pews.

Would they come home safely?

Would we wed?

During the agonizing waiting

Hearts were full of dread.

They came home.

Wounded, altered and silent.

“How’s your love life?

Folks would ask.

“How’s the healing?”

That is quite a task.

The soldiers were enrolled in college

Work programs and rehab.

Who could replace

The dreams that we all had?

So the family gathered

The younger folks were finally wed.

Where would he find the words to tell

her of the years

in the concentration camp

how it blew him right apart.

So he said nothing

Bottled it up inside.

Some of the boys went for counseling.

But not him, he had his pride.

So the wee ones came.

Twins were first

.Then the girl.

Then a boy.

There was no time to ask

“How’s your love life?”

One could have asked

“How are you doing

Hiding behind the mask?”

The prisons of the mortgage


The nightmares of the past


The grueling re-adjustment.

Were they up to the task?

Then the sun broke through

The clouds

The young ones were doing fine.

Love hung on their being like clothes on the line.

The children cuddled and created for them

A rather sacred sanctuary

A little heaven here on earth.

The home was filled with loving.

No need was there to ask

“How’s your love life?”

The laughter of the children.

The Sunlight of the Spirit filled the home.

There was grace at meals.

Prayers in the morning.

Grandfather read from the good book.

The children grew in grace and statue.

They were in training for the rapture.

In photographs they captured

More expression

More love and beauty

More giggles and mirth.

They indeed made heaven here on earth.

The soldier’s heart began to melt.

He found new meaning when one day he knelt.

Then suddenly there was giggling

coming from the porch.

He flicked on the dooryard light

Much to his surprise

One of the twins was being courted

right before his eyes.

So the next morning

Before grandfather could raise his voice.

The soldier held his daughter

“I approve of your choice.

When are you setting the date?

What is that you are saying?

He is off to fight the war?

We have lost too many

How many more?”

So behind the joy

The young twin waited



Then she waited some more.

Folks were quite supportive

Of the young miss

Never quite wanting to admit

That it could have been their last kiss.

So in your hurry throughout your day

Take a moment with the Master

Learn to hear His Voice.

So no matter what the answer is

When you hear someone say

“How’s your love life?”

Be grateful today

For the soldier who

Helped to free our land.

For the loving generations

Who obeyed the command

To love, to serve, to honour

To protect and rejoice

In our freedoms

So the love life

can continue.

That we are free to pray.

So there is now a deeper meaning

when someone does ask

“How’s your love life?

Are you up for the task?

Can you make the commitment?

Give love a chance

Respect one another

Make freedom and gratitude

Part of your dance.

So, how is your love life?”