some favorite things none spelled right

gastronomical orgasisms
starry nights
font memories


Love life

When I was a young child I loved life.
When a young teen I wanted a love life.
As a wife, a mother, I wanted time to put love in my life.
As a senior
I love life
and still want a love life
and the time to put love in my life.

So in contemplation
When I kneel and pray
I know what I can ask the Master.

“Show me your love today.”
Then all of nature will help me rejoice
As it sings of your love songs
I will hear your Voice.

The Last Post

The last post is a blessing
on a cold long night
when walking the beat as a policeman
when he can turn the corner
go around the block
no more fight
no more clock
no more talk.

The last post is bugle blaring in the day
blasting out its message of death
for the soldier who has gone away.

The last post is a signpost
on the lonely empty street
for the daughter of Magdalene
whose feelings are on retreat
whose life has gone astray

who only stops to pray
that you stop and buy her a drink.

Now for me the last post
would tell you
how I loved you much.
how I wanted to let you know
how you filled my life with joy.
So if in fact, this was my last post
I would ask Could this be my epitaph?
“She not only loved me
she made me laugh.”?

My new friend

She is “old enough to know better
too young to resist”
She is fun.
She is flirty.
She is happy.
She is full of bliss.
She is totally insane.
She loves walking barefoot.
She loves walking in rain.
She enjoys children.
People who are young
are her teachers.
People who are old
are her peers.
She is full of laughter.
Much younger than her years.
She is wise.
She is witty.
I love looking in her eyes.
When I look in the mirror
I get a surprise.
My new friend is me.