The Lively Crone

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She sits by the window
Close by her desk.
Writing her poems.
Flowers in bloom
on the window shelf.
Friends in her heart.
She lives by herself.
She has settled in
after a busy day,
her busy life.
She has been a daughter, a sister,
a worker, a mother, a wife.
She has been a traveler in many lands,

Now she rocks.
Rocks in her “new-to-me” rocking chair.
Remembering takes her there.
Rocks on, her life full of prayer.
Retirement was not a choice
It is a reality.
After using substances,
food and people
to drive away pain,
she finally found recovery.
There are worlds to gain.
Worlds of awareness.
Worlds of choice.
Worlds of listening
to the Master’s Voice.
Worlds of service.
Worlds of joy.
Worlds of listening
To newcomer (girl or boy).

So you look and you see
Someone who lives
In a room.
Do you really know
What you are looking at.
That room is a portal.
to wonderous nooks,
music, laughter,
glorious books.
the internet,
She knows how to cook.
That room and her life are filled with joy.
Aging is a gift given
When you appreciate
The gift of living.
She is listening at meetings
to all of the youth.
She learns from them
when they speak their truths.
The Sunlight of the Spirit
fills up her room.
I look in the mirror
She looks back at me.
The lively crone.
She is happy.
She is joyful.
She is free.
I look in the mirror
the lively crone looks back at me.


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