I love flowers.
I just can’t spell their names.



“I wandered lonely as a cloud”
This childhood refrain
is filling my brain.

I wonder what a cloud could be lonely about?
What could it have been addicted to?
Perhaps Sunlight of the Spirit.
Why would it have felt lonely?

I protest that I am not lonely.
I may be alone
but I am not lonely.
I chose to walk alone with the Alone.
It just looks like I am lonely to others.
Then, I hear my beloved’s voice…
I am, then, lonely because of my choice.

(When will I get my head out of the clouds
For crying out loud.)

When I was a child we used to lay for hours
Looking up at the clouds.
“See that one….it looks like a turtle.”
“Yah, that one next to it…
A big cuddly bear.”

Clouds are very interesting to me….as long as they are outside my body.

Being Irish is not always a Gift

My being Irish
is a gift I received from the tribe.
My Irish drinking
barely kept me alive.
My Irish temper
scares even me.

Then the “pot” of gold
that was given to me
Had me down on bended knee.

The snakes from Ireland
are often found in my head.
I cannot surrender…
I often dread.

Now the Sunlight of the Spirit raises its Voice.
When I do listen, I can rejoice.

“If I follow this way
I have nothing to fear’…
Now the message is getting more clear.
(‘Twas the luck of the Irish that I found this path
‘Tis being recovering that I now can laugh.)

Sherman’s Angel’s

To My Angels Here and Near

I know now, you were always there

through the thousand miles,

without a prayer.

Lost and scared and all alone -so

many wrong directions home.

Looking back, I understand,

you always had me

by my hand.

Had I not kept pulling away -I’d

have far fewer debts to pay.

From darkest night and deepest sorrow,

you guided me to this bright tomorrow.

Now I humbly beg you stay – beside me

with me every day.

Someday perhaps, all will see – the

gentle soul you see in me.

Forever grateful


Your son, father, husband, brother and friend.

-submitted with permission as a guest on this blog.