View from my Window

There are song birds singing
Lilacs are in bloom
Blessings abundant
I have a new room
Wainscooting and laminate flooring
New paint on the walls
Computer, TV, CD
DVD/ VCR cassette player
Make my room a theatre hall
Have so many blessings
I very rarely name them
Am thinking of you now
Picturing you and claim one

My window on the world
Is filled with memories
Of wonderful travels
Family and friends
Think of them often
My gratitude never ends.
Now in one thing I have been remiss
Have not taken the time
To tell you of this
I need one thing
If you find your way clear
Could you re-send the pictures
You sent me last year?
Now that I have a
Great place to view them
Could include them
In my day
It would remind me to send
Always and all ways.

Thanks for being in my life

-MaryHelen Ferris

Beloved Friend dedicated to My Bébé for her husband’s pre-birthday present

Romance Oil on Canvas - MaryHelen FerrisOf all the husbands I ever chose
You are as rare as a purple rose.
Your voice excites me.
Your mind makes
My heart unfurl
Entrances me.
When I dream of
(and I do by the hour)
There is a great
Roaring fire
Your friends gather round
What a beautiful sound.
You talk there for hours.
There is music and laughter
Love in your voice.
I am joyful you are in my life
Thinking of you gives my day
A magical start
Did you know
Your way of life
Opens up Soul?
Having you for a friend,
My beloved,
Gives me a glow.

Blessings Oil on Canvas mhf


Homeward Bound

I am off
To see my Father’s
home again.
More than the
flowers, the birds,
Clear Sky.
I am going for the look of
Love in his Eyes.
He is ninety five in a few days,
There is no one
Who has his laugh..
His faith and compassion
have held me strong.
No matter my troubles
He’ll be along….
With love and laughter.

The sound of his Voice
I am going home
For that I Rejoice.

MaryHelen Ferris

My Spiritual Son

I knew him by Sight,
You had Guided him Home.
He stood for the Right…
Never more to roam.
He “fought the good fight”
It was now time to rest.
He came to have tea.
My Heart is so Blessed.
He has rested.
Been refreshed.
Goes to help others.
He has stood the great Test.

Mary Helen Ferris

Love to you on Christmas

Love to you on Christmas.

It is Christmas Eve Day.

I have not sent you a parcel tied up with string that you may open.

I have, instead, sent you my open heart.
It is full of gratitude.
I know you.
I love you,
I am the most blessed this Christmas
Because, I know you and I love you.
-MaryHelen Ferris

The Evening

Thoughts of you are
Swirling around.
They remind me of the dance of the snow.
(In my mind)
I stoke the fire,
Bring in a new load of wood,
Pull fresh baked buns from the oven,
Stir the home made beans,
Then put water on for tea.
I bask in thoughts of our meeting
The way your eyes smiled as we danced.
(In my heart)
You are already home.
Thank you my Friend
For filling my heart
On New Year’s Eve.
-MaryHelen Ferris
Dec 31, 2007

You & Love

You & LOVE

This is a wee note to YOU who
With a steadfast unfailing LOVE.
YOU who have been there
For me
(When I could not
Or was not there for myself)
YOU have been kind, attentive and LOVING
Especially when I was
Endeavoring to grow up.
The Master is not finished with me yet.
I am still a “work in progress”
(Which is better than being a “piece of work”)
I appreciate YOU and look forward to the day
When I can look YOU in the eyes,
Listen to your Voice on the phone
And return your Kindness
In the meantime, know
YOU are the most wonderful
That I have ever had the priviledge of
Having as an example of the LOVE of Spirit.
Your LOVE, courage and kindness
Bless me and sustain me
Even on a cold winter’s Night.
The warm of your LOVE is the
Welcoming Fire in my Life.
Thank you on this
Honoring my Sponsor Day.

-MaryHelen Ferris
Jan 9 2008

Recovery Dance

Recently I wrote about recovery and want to share it here with you.

Recovery Dance.

They scream out loud catching us unaware.
They slash out in anger to see if we care.
Who are these Ones caught between the cracks?
Can they show us what our heart lacks?
Or are they the road map of where we have been
When full of anger our hearts as hard as a bin
How can we reach them? Will they turn away?
How do we get the Love “ To Beg them STAY” ?.

Ah, but of course Back to the Basics
Back to the Source.
“If you want what we have” Will you do what we did?
Will the pain of this long night ever be erased?
Will the pain and the anguish always show on your Face?
One Step at a time.
Our pain was erased when we no longer hid.
We did not need to point fingers “there is no one to blame”
We followed the footsteps of ones gone before.
We screamed and shouted. We walked the floor.
“I don’t want this pain anymore. ‘

Love came in and erased all the doubts.
So one day when you are ready to listen
Above your screams and your shouts.
There is a still small voice
It tells you, “You do have a choice.”

You won’t have to lash out.
You won’t have to stay in pain.
You can be happy, joyous, and free.
Dance in the Rain.
If you think this is impossible
Come walk with me.

Now I know, what these questions must mean.
“Where do they come from with their buckets of shame”?
They come from our hearts
When they are open and free
When love of recovery
Sings its refrain.
“Your Higher Power
Has worlds to gain.”

You won’t have to lash out.
You won’t stay in pain.
You can be happy, joyous, and free.
Dance in the Rain.
If you think this is impossible
Come walk with me.
-MaryHelen Ferris
Jan 15th , 2008