Back at school……..yeaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaa

Candle & Book

Candle & Book (Photo credit: dedalusj)

Books by candle light

Books by candle light (Photo credit: andrewmalone)

Georges de La Tour 008

Georges de La Tour 008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every September for about forty years (well maybe 50)
I  have been sad because I am not young and back to school.
This year, just after celebrating my 70-something birthday…….
I started back to school.   Life is so wonderful.  Learning, laughing, living in the moment.

Back to school

on the inner and the outer.

I am an adventurer

no longer a doubter.

I will learn.

I will succeed.

I will have all

the loving tools I need.

I can be in service.

I can make my heart sing.

I can dedicate my life

To serving my Master, my King. 

Rose covered suitcases

Rose Petals and Raindrop

Image by KTDEE....popping in and out via Flickr

Rose petals on the stair case,

rose petals down the hall,

rose petals leading to the sauna

rose petals on the garden wall….

The petals of the roses

are now blowing in the wind

Like all the promises you gave

to me the night you took me in.

Why did I fall so deeply,

why did I ever fall at all.

What was in the  rose-covered suitcases

you had waiting in the hall?

October’s occult wind

Wind Turbine

Image by subadei via Flickr

The wind roars your name in my deepest sleep

Your voice whispers promises yet to keep.

I come to you on the wind

We meet on the wings of love

and the storm rages on.

Trust builds over and over

each lifetime, now with each passing day.

Believing in you is a dream coming true.

Wanting you to be real is all I persue.

What madness.

What passion.

What a mess.

This is a part of spiritual growth

I never bargained for I guess.

True surrender is all up hill

How is loving you part of divine Will?

The wind roars your name in my deepest sleep

Your voice whispers promises yet to keep.

I come to you on the wind

We meet on the wings of love

and the storm rages on.

I Will Follow You

On the road

Image by Janus. via Flickr

Rather than wandering the cow paths of the mind

I will follow you beloved Master

Through the green pastures and the rugged hills

I am learning to follow your leading

I am learning to follow your Will.

The Joy of surrender as  I learn in this space

Leads me to the still waters and the silent place. 

Cleansing Winds blow blessings….

As the trees surrender their leaves to the Cleansing Winds…

So I, now,  let go absolutely of my agendas, schedule and plans.

Allowing the cleansing winds of change

To allow me to serve my fellow travelers. 

My gratitude and blessings have me dancing in the Wind, 

Laughing at myself….remembering

If you want to see God smile….make plans. 

My Angel Barbara, computer tech made miracles happen by serving the Great technician…

Has me back on-line to look up more pickle recipes and canning times.

While waiting  for my computer I got re-upholstered, waxed and colored up for the long harvest season and visited with spirit filled ladies…Sandi and Linda who serve

In the heart of the hair dressing salon.

 I could hear the holy Sound of the Sunlight of the Spirit all day long…

in the voices of the women, the humming of the machines and the laughter of us all.

It matters not the Temple, tavern, or traveler’s condition

the cleansing wind blows blessings. 

Thank you for the love, caring and sharing

as we form a community of wind walkers on their Journey home to God…

dancing in rhythm of the cleansing Wind with its blessings. 

My Ticket Home

When faced with an illness

An accident

A fall

I rejoice


“Is this my ticket home?

Am I about to answer the call?”

The wise one who teaches me

Answers with a kind laugh in his voice…

“You are already Home.”

Acceptance dances as one with  Soul.

I delight in this moment.

I know I am Home.

I truly rejoice.

I am whole.

The blending

While reminiscing over the year that is passing

I am blending in new colours to a heart that is lasting.

Staying in the moment

Now the past is future too

Gives my new year’s revolutions a bigger point of view.

How can I best be of Service

Photo courtesy of Sonny Galea Sept 1 Jasper National Park   Canada

I have run with the herd.

I am sure footed and sleek.

I am now home on the Mountain of God.

How can I best be of service?

How can I show your love today?

How can I live in the moment?

How can I not be of service

When your love sustains me?

How can I not give back

That which you have given me?

How can I show your Beauty

To another?

How can I serve

My loving sister

Or brother?

Teach me this silence.

Teach me to serve you

Right now.

Teach me to give

Without condition

Without fee

All of the love

You have given to me.

I have run with the herd.
I am sure footed and sleek.
I am now home on the Mountain of God.

May only gentle words speak.

May my life

Be a walking


A reflection of love

from the meditation.

An active contemplation

is the way that I seek.

My your love be reflected in the words

That I speak.

May my heart

be filled in my coming and going.

May your love permate me

May it fill me with song.

May I be a loving example

All the day long. 


I have run with the herd.

I am sure footed and sleek.

I am now home on the Mountain of God.

May your love I always seek.

We have a cabin

Cabin with Snow!

We have a cabin
That we run to when day is done.

How we furnish it
Is determined here.
Does it have love?
Is it joyful?
Is it cozy?
Is it kind?
Is there music?
What colors surround the room?
Where is the fire?
Or have you created a tomb?
Today is the building day
Of your cabin.
Not only the one over yonder
But the one here on earth.
Are you building a tavern or temple?
How are you using the gifts of the Master?
Are you giving praise?
Is your life a disaster?
You are the creator of your own Universe.
Open your heart.
Let the Creator  go first.
Follow his footsteps.
The path is very steep.
It is narrow.
It is your destiny.
Until you know this moment:


you are already
Living in the cabin
That we run to when day is done.

English: A modern build of a squared log cabin...

English: A modern build of a squared log cabin. Logs were milled square for this build. It serves as guest quarters. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Standing in the Moment

Standing in the Moment
I can forever see.
The meteor shower takes me home
Beyond eternity.
Beyond this moment.
Beyond this time.
This bridge across forever
Takes me home to stay amist the stars
My loved Ones are are all waiting and watching
On that far distance shore.
Standing here in the Moment
I do not feel any more pain.
My heart is full of laughter
As I embrace the gentle rain.
I am Standing in the Moment
I can almost feel God’s grace.
I do not want to leave there…
But then, I turn and see your face.
I have loved you for forever.
Your beloved I will gladly me.
I see you smile.
You reach out your hand.
Then I awaken.
Oh, love I want you to know.
Standing here in the Moment.
My love for you just grows.
I do not want to just love you in the dreamscape.
I want to be yours for goodness sake.