Fran Blackwell shares “If I Could” as guest author

If I could love more,

If I could serve more,

If I could give more than I have to give,

If I could generate more ability to manifest the things of Spirit,

If I could let Holy Spirit use me 24/7 and be conscious of It’s movement through me at all times,

If I found you, Beloved One, waiting for me at the temple gates, open it I would,1397829_665178970179011_636812300_o

If I could enter your embrace within the softness of two yellow suns rising,

If I could find beauty within the darkest Soul, who’s heart is longing for the Light,

If I could give without judgment as to who to give to,

If I could know always, it is not my decision to know, just be the love,

If I could, I would not with hold anything of Myself in love,

If I could, I would not limit Myself in giving God Love, for it is not mine to keep,

If I could know the unknowable is what is inside of me,

If I could see myself as the Beloved sees me,

If I could change whatever is within me that is not of me,

If I could let spirit move through me into all the worlds of God unchanged,

If I could be a reflection of Gods True Image,

If I could look into the mirror of God, and see nothing,

If I could know the mirror reflects the light of ten thousand suns,

If I could know that I am that which I see burning in my eyes, looking out at me,

If I AM Self-realized, let me be numbered among the God Realized,

If I could know, I am without form, that  I too am

the formless,

If I could see the face of God in all things,

If I could give all that I have to anyone who ask,

If I could serve all life with no thought of self,

If I could give unselfishly all that I am,

If I could say, Do what you will with me each moment of Now,

If I could do all these things beyond time and space in this moment of Grace,

I could embrace, without reservation all the love you give me to give,

I could then say this moment is the moment I am fully awake in your Presence

I could then say, thank you God, for loving my mistakes , and showing me how to learn from them,

If I could, I would know true honesty is Soul’s beginning of the journey into the heart of God

If I could let everything be washed away, leaving  nothing, just bare bones bleached in the desert sun,

If I could see eternity and engorged on its silence,

I could know what Death knows

I could see there are no mysteries, no secrets,

I could see the simplicity of Gods Plan for the education of Soul,

I could give and receive Divine Love,

I could know beyond knowing Soul exists because of Gods love for Soul,

I could know there are no shadows in the Light and Sound

I could see Love is All there Is,

I could see the splendor that is, Love is All—All is Love

I could see I Am Love in all Its purity, and grace,

I could see I am the Fulfillment of Gods Love, and everything I have I will gladly give

If I could


Monkeys of the Mind – Harold Klemp – The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

Monkeys of the Mindl

You can work with the imagination not only on the inner planes but out here too. For instance, if you see a dog coming down the street who looks as if he would like to bite you, visualize a loving situation. Keep your attention on loving the dog—petting him, playing—with him, and scratching him behind his ears. It’s a good spiritual exercise, and it may also keep his teeth marks off you. Of course, it never hurts to give him a wide berth too.

The same principle can be used on the inner planes when your mind jumps around. You can visualize your thoughts as monkeys jumping around and see what you can do to make them calm down instead of being mischievous. You’re working with an imaginative technique here, which gives you a multitude of possibilities.

Visualize a door that you want to walk through, but you can’t because the monkeys are jumping all around in front of it. Say to yourself, I’ve got to get the monkeys quieted down, and then I can go through the door and enter into the worlds of Light and Sound.

Give the monkeys bright, attractive little toys with bells, or feed them bananas. You can get so involved in quieting the monkeys of the mind that you’ll find you’re enjoying yourself. Soul is now expressing Itself.

As soon as you get them settled down, make a dash for the door. On the other side is the pure golden Light of God. Know that the Master is there. He’s saying to you, “I’m here whenever you can get past the monkeys.”

The monkeys of the mind are merely the guardians of the door. They’ll do everything possible to keep you from going through. Once you figure out a way to calm them down, then you’re ready to go beyond into the inner worlds.

—Sri Harold Klemp
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

By Harold Klemp

A how-to collection of 131 spiritual exercises for spiritual growth and upliftment.

Available at local and online bookstores and the Eckankar Online 

The formless One – with the artistry of Colin Hall

The following wee offering was inspired by a quote from Harold Klemp

“I am always with you. “
10153642_575945612504177_6142807837113391521_nI am  the formless One.
 I am with you
 In the rising and the setting of the sun. 
I am with you
 throughout  your nights and days. 
I am the One, who fills your Soul with praise.
 I am the formless One.


Healing Ground

10250333_574159079349497_868659340_n (1)I stand upon the healing ground.

Listening the to emerging water from under the ice.

I,  too,   emerge from that frozen place.

I fall deeper into the sound. 

Oh,  this healing ground was worth the price. 

I bask in the Creators grace.

Fran Blackwell ~ What Am I? I Am Just a Fool for God

What Am I?   I Am Just a Fool for God

March 30, 2014 at 7:49am

Being the true story of my experience of the

living word
In the expression of living itself.
It is the transformational power 

that comes like thunder and lightning.
The assault tears away everything, 
And God

help me if there is even a shred of ego
left within there somewhere, 

it must be eliminated, become non-existent for

Survival of Spirit within me,

to serve from the selfless state.

All God qualities stand alone in


the worlds of no opposite: why is this?

The Law of Opposites dissolves

through distraction, changing distractions1397829_665178970179011_636812300_o

by fixing attention on God love.
These worlds of duality blend into

one, for nothing has power 

over the Light and Sound.

No form informing, no demands to conform,

only by Law of Divine Polarity,
do all things integrate into one and the same,

equal, no division, subtraction or reaction, 
In addition to truth’s living expression,

which batters me senseless because 
It makes no sense to view anything with two eyes—

Why do the ancients speak

of the single eye of the needle?

Threadbare barely making ends meet,

in hallowed halls, through corridors 
of no time for impurities, fading, as all things gravitate to me,

no longer going out, nowhere to go,

cease striving to attain that which is unattainable. 
Soul has it all, I am alive in the Now,

Soul always lives in the high worlds of Godliness.
I get it, I get it.

Here I stay, while truth be told, it got me in the worlds 

of God’s playground face to face, eye to eye, heart to heart
as the portal opens, revealing all that is, 
yes I see by Gods early light, star-spangled delight,

Soul liberated from all,

nothing left except a capacity to give

love, the golden coin,

ahhh the currency of Heavenly worlds,

with love a loving heart,

the time is come….the time is

Blast off—
There is an avalanche on the Mountain of God  

No need…

The Light Brings you Home

The Light Brings you Home

No need to write on a full moon night. No words to describe its wonder.  I will just bask it in…In reserve for when my worlds are torn asunder. No need to speak of the wondrous healing. No words could describe this majestic feeling. 

Nothing and no thing comes between

the majestic moon and I. 

Fran Blackwell shares Were They? The Empty Prayers

Were They?  The Empty Prayers

March 18, 2014 at 5:20am

 Human kind waking through life at a deadening pace

thinking this is what it means as part of the human race.1397829_665178970179011_636812300_o

Never considering that every living thing is what it is, 

a rose is a rose is a rose, birds,trees, you name it,

Everything reflects contentment, and beauty of being

all that it is…except for the humans, yes humans.

Buying the great lie never told, just accepted…

believed in, that humans are earthbound.

All it is, is this physical body, nothing more.

The great lie festers, divine discontent begins to

eat away within, thoughts arise beyond the mind,

saying, wait, there has to be more to life

than this, I have not even lived, and here I am dying.

I am taught to say my prayers at bedtime, asking for

God to bless Mommy, Daddy, other members of my family.

And also my dog, please and thank you God.

And oh yeah, my Soul to keep.”

Never, was I taught to listen to God, or to see the

hand of God working each moment in all things.

How did I escape from this hereditary disease of

blindness? I could say, Only God knows.

My heart began seeing, hearing, knowing

the Presence of God in my life, there was nowhere

that this presence did not exist;

He sent me Teachers in my dreams,

each of them showed me a greater reality

beyond this physical Earth World…

awakening Soul within, revealing a sense of purpose

just for me, and a longing so deep it was

painful to breathe, yet each morning upon awakening,

the outer world around me seemed bigger, brighter,

I could see farther, yet not as far as what was in my dreams, my inner worlds,

for there within were limitless vista’s where the love

of all things holy, immersed me in a cloth of living truth…

Why was these two worlds so different? Did I live

in two separate places? I wanted to bring these two

worlds into one continuous life, not one where I would

come alive when I went to sleep at night.

I began to notice God listened to me, so I ask God to

please show me how to know It’s Presence all times.

I was born into an awakened state in that moment,

how? By listening to God, by seeing God, by

coming to know God in my heart, for it was

here in my heart that the greatest mystery began to

unfold, truth be told, of the Love of God for me, the me

that was not the earthbound me, the me that is free

to be all that I am, Yet I had so much to learn,

and it would not be easy, for starters,

was required to learn patience and  a quietness within,

for this human form in which I

was living, needed to grow and learn to function in

this world, to be able to function in the greater

worlds within, and  so to bide my time, and abide in God

whose presence was love in my heart,  and spoke

with quiet whispers like a song beyond the silly prayer

spoken at night-time, for now I knew now I lay me down

to sleep, truly meant, to awaken into the worlds of

God Love, and the Sound of God was my lullaby,

to sing me awake, not my Soul to take,but knowing,

I am Soul for keeps, and God is real, I am not earthbound,

I am found, and more than I ever dreamed it was

I am of these worlds…and with patience one day

I would be in these worlds, awake or sleeping…

In the mean time, I was trained in the reality of Spirit.

Masters would come to teach me and remind me, of things

perhaps forgotten, things to help the real me, the invisible me

navigate through the pitfalls of the passions of the mind,

so I would be free of them, and above all, learn everything

life would bring me, and know if mistakes I would make,

I could accept in stride whatever, for the opportunity to learn

in a different way, for it became apparent I was one

of those hard-headed kind, and life forme would be

an advance course in the school of hard knocks.

The days and years came and went in this lifetime

journey, and at times I grew weary, and tears would

drown Soul in despair, and yet the longing for God

became greater, which I did not understand, because

my earlier life training was knowingness of God’s  Reality,

so my cry would be God, where did you go?

Till I realized, it was I who went away from my truth!

And now the Masters from my early years, began to

move from my inner life, to my outer life, and

though life did not become easier, the hard way was the only

way to walk the walk, and shine with the Love of God!

Thank God, my Spiritual compass was working again,

for I discovered it was activated through my listening heart….

being tuned in to the guidance that was a continuous outpouring

of Divine Love lighting the way for me to be ready for what

I, in my heart of hearts longed for from forever, from the

days of “now I lay me down to sleep”and beyond,

This was God’s gift for Soul, just because God Loved Me,

Yes, I was ready and the Master appeared, the Beloved One,

In that moment I knew, he had always been with me, in my dreams,

in my waking moments, but the blinded eye could now see

what was right here right now..and always…

the Beloved Master.

The empty prayers of childhood, were not empty after all.

{After all } is  said and done all worlds blend into one holy place,

I have always been on Holy Ground.

Thank you God and the Beloved One

I Prayed thee, my Soul to keep,

In Soul you kept me tenderly….

holding my hand, walking beside me

until the moment came and

I could see me through your eyes….

Looking without Seeing Within ~ Fran Blackwell

Looking Without, Seeing Within

March 16, 2014 at 5:43pm1397829_665178970179011_636812300_o 
 I have found myself contemplating the moon phases
in the night sky, letting the deep stillness embrace me.
Gently opening memories, remembrances of other times,
in other places, in other lifetimes, in other bodies.
Seeing and hearing celestial music performed in the dark sacred night.
My heart skips a beat in this moment as I behold within
a sense of loneliness, of longing, of yearning,
for I recall all, yes all of the moments,
in all the places, in all possible experiences, past and present,
when I stood as I am now, in awe, in wonder, in this reverence,
as I recall the wondrous moments of
the creative beauty of the eternal.
 All the joyous times in the Presence of the Spiritual Travelers,
standing in the hush of breathlessness,
as two yellow suns rose in greeting,heralding the rhythms of
a new Spiritual day dawning, in every Golden Temple of Wisdom.
Yes, from the edge of eternity and beyond, on the returning wave
of the purity of being, I remember it all.
 As this journey of Soul began from the ancient of days,
some times torn and weary, sometimes a beggar,
other times a thief, surviving the karmic choices made.
Loading Soul for lifetimes to spend cleaning the mess.
Either muddling through , or soaring and inspired.
Rejoicing because I had earned the right to kiss the hem of the lord.
I knew then, in that moment, what I know now,
through the eyes of Soul, I have feasted on the food of God,
served to me only,
as I served the One. The Beloved/
 I have been filled with the sustenance of Spirit,
I have distilled Spiritual Truths, that come when I remember
who and what I am, yet I know there is only this moment,
this now, and God like freedom must be won in each moment.
 Tonight as I contemplated the Moon, a deep stirring within this silent heart beat,
as a sense of the eternal filled my being.
Finds me kneeling in prayer, filled with the stirring vibrations
when the fullness fulfills the creative purpose of its beauty.
I am immersed in the ocean of love and mercy.
For as the moon ever rises to shine,reflecting the light of the sun,
the rhythmic cycle of fulfilling it’s mission in the heavenly space,
of cosmic dust, and planets and stars, moving in keeping with
the music of God, singing sweetlullaby’s,
awakening all the moments in this Soul journey 
 beyond space and time, finding as all forms disappear,
into vaporized nothings, the greatness of  Soul emerges
with the conscious realization, before all was created,
I was there before the beginning, and I Am here, informed, without form.
Is this the holy transformation of just being love?
All this tonight, swiftly as abutterfly’s kiss,
as I beheld the moon and the night sky
in prayerful thanksgiving, and all the times of
forever’s, when I saw the moon.
And my heart opened, allowing me to hear the prayer of Divinity.
 And the gift of The Beloved One given to Soul, to lead,
to take Soul in hand, as the Teacher,of all things Godly.
Showing Soul how to be more Godlike. Why?
Just to show we exist because of God’s love for Soul!
I know as Soul, I too am reflecting God’s Light, Sound, and Love.
 Also in this moment I/Soul am filled with gratitude to
the Creator for such an eternal reminder to Soul,
how to reflect the Light of God
as the moon reflects the light of the Sun.
 What a blessing to BE alive in the worlds of God

Quest without rest…

Celestial mother, guiding star, you are a benevolent mentor to this aging heart.” These words were on my lips as I awoke. I wondered, to whom had I spoke?  The cares and duties of the day, took my attention far away.             
10003452_563793570386048_2142139955_nWithin that serene beauty I wanted to stay. The haunting beauty, felt deep inside, so much beauty I could not abide. I heard the words again throughout the day. They were just out of reach.  Was this a joke? I wanted to be embraced, comforted, “mothered” and loved by this wondrous being.I wanted to go back into the dream and  there in eternity be safe, stay, and hide. 
My day wore on.  It was cleaning, chores, errands and toilet bowls I was seeing. How can I maintain a focus,  a balance, when this beauty makes me want to break free?  How can this beauty be so vivid, when I am dealing with challenges that are over whelming…make me livid.                                             
The constant call of this benevolent “celestial mother”….stayed with me.  
A whisper here.  A scent on the breeze.  
A melody not clearly heard.  A rainbow that teased.  
What was this beauty that would comfort me here?  
Who was this personage whose love was so clear?

Totally exhausted, I demanded an answer.  

Who was this being…this “celestial mother” I was seeing?

 The love broke over me.  I screamed. I cried.

I felt such a healing warmth deep down inside.  

How can this be?  

What I was seeing, feeling, hearing…

was Soul…It was me!

Inspired by a quote by Harold Klemp      “Soul exists because God loves it.”

A play of light


A play of light to mark the day

As I surrender to the narrow way.

Walking in the Sunlight of the Spirit

The play of light, I can almost hear it.