Listening was not always a pleasure.

I did not want to hear about the war. 

I did not want to know about the violence…

neither  home nor abroad.

Now, as an adult – an aging crone who rocks –

I spend my day listening to the sound. 

It brightens my pathway.

It gives me great joy.

I combine It  with the light

There is love without alloy.

Gateway to the inner worlds

Love is the key that unlocks the door to the gateway to the inner worlds.

Colin Hall -vision and visual artistry

Colin Hall -vision and visual artistry

Somewhere in the quiet desperation

the knowledge of the key

to the gateway

to the inner worlds is remembered.

I am Surrendering (with the artistry of Colin Hall)

Surrendered to thy WIll
Surrendered in thy Praise.
Surrendered to a holy walk.
Surrendered to learn thy Ways. 
Surrendered now to thy Teachings
Humbly I shall learn,
To embrace Thy loving mercies.
Thy Grace, I shall not spurn.
Surrendered now to giving
All thy Joys, so loving and free.
I am totally surrendering
To  this glorious living
More like Thee…
and less like me. 
From the dawning of the morning
To the end of “life`s evening sun
I am surrendered to the grace and beauty
T`is a learning that is never done.
Surrendered to thy WIll
Surrendered in thy Praise.
Surrendered to a holy walk.
Surrendered to learn thy Ways. 
Surrendered now to Service
Sharing Thy love to be amaZed
I am deeply learning surrendering
As I share a life of praise. 
Surrendered to the inner music
Making love my choice.
Surrendered in the moment
While listening to thy Voice. 
 I am surrendered to the light and sound. 
I am surrendered to thy love. 
I am immersed in sweet surrender
Where blessings flow…
from within and up above. 
I am surrendered to the sweet music
As I make love my choice.
I listen more intently
To thy loving Voice. 


The Fullness of Madness ~ Fran Blackwell ~ author of Fingerprints of God ~ shares here


September 16, 2014 at 1:53pm
The Fullness of Madness

If ever there was a moment when without a doubt

I knew truth, changing into ever new forms befitting discovery.

Yes, the same truth, and where ever truth leads me

with out a shadow to hide the brilliance

lighting the way with love, and love only

within the residue of the presence of the Beloved

So quietly in its passage,

leaves no footprints except on

the pages of the book of the

heart, opened wide never closing the

entrance of Gods breath into this portal

where bliss, lives within the fragile marriage

of Soul and the Beloved

so entwined , bonded forever in this sacred grace

I thank God for this holy gift of freedom from

fear that ceaselessly tempts me.

I am in love with no place to run or hide

for I live within your Presence, where else is there to go?

For you live within me – Soul, I will leave you never.

The darkness no longer holds power over me.

The holiest of the Holy fills my days and nights

with its holy fire filling me with its ecstasy,

and I am addicted to burning!

I am but an Ash, a cinder in the eye of God

And the tears drown me as they wash me

clean, pure, beautiful: there are no more

words for what defies the description.

Become the holy fire for spirit and love and

laugh your way to the madness of God Love

And if you listen deeply,

you will hear the Laughter of God.

The eagle inside…


The eagle inside

soars over the troubles

and dark clouds of the day.

The eagle inside


the wind, the sky, the light, the sound

and the Creator of all. 

The eagle inside


to the storms

and delights

in the cloudless days.

With heartfelt thanks to Colin Hall  – visual and vision artist –

Soul takes flight…


In the silence

The joyous  Sound

Moves through Soul.

Soul takes flight.

With heartfelt thanks to the visual and vision artisan Colin Hall

Harold Klemp ~ The Open Heart ~ The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

The Open Heart

In this spiritual exercise, you practice keeping an open heart throughout everyday life. It`s very tough; I have to work at it all the time too.

No one technique will work for everyone, but there are ways to keep your attention on having an open heart. Start with something you can love, even a pet or a plant, and just love it a lot. As love comes, let it pour through you.

The habit of love is catching; it builds, gains momentum, and becomes easier. But like a plant that needs watering and loving care every day, the habit of love takes constant attention.

Love won’t come through unless the heart is open. To work with an open heart is to love or care for something or someone more than you do for yourself. This is the first step to the divine love we are looking for.

—Sri Harold Klemp
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

By Harold Klemp

A how-to collection of 131 spiritual exercises for spiritual growth and upliftment.

Available at local and online bookstores and the Eckankar Online Bookstore

Under the moon light




Under the moon light, I have cause to rejoice.

In the silence basking,I can hear the Creator’s voice.

The spreading serenity, Answered the questions

I was not yet asking.

The embrace of loves light, surrounds me here.

The sound of the stars, Enter my being.

I am embraced by love,

light, sound, and the moon

I am seeing.