I thought I was alone…

Bears are great teachers for children and Empire Avenue players

I struggled.

I was broken.

I thought I was alone. 

It was only the beginning of the knowledge

of your love. 

You are always with me.

You sustain me in the darkest hour.

You gather me to your cloak of love and protection.

You are my beloved.

I thank you Higher Power.

I truly had thought I was alone.

Broken and shattered 

I approached this thy throne

Your love reached out to me in the darkest night.

Your love cleansed me and made everything right.

I am blessed to be under the shelter of thy wings.

I smile quietly at the mistaken thought…

I thought I was alone.

Magpies laughter…then and now

English: Two Australian Magpies (Cracticus tib...

English: Two Australian Magpies (Cracticus tibicen) in Victoria Park, Sydney, in New South Wales, Australia. On the left is a juvenile (note the dark eyes) calling for food. The mother on the left has just obtained a piece of apple and is about to pass it over. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The magpies have gathered

In yonder tree 

In their laughter

I am becoming more free.

*if you have never heard magpies laugh

then read the story below.

Years ago,  we lived on a “Stump-ranch“.  Some years,  that is all we had for crops  was stumps.  Cutting down trees to build a home for the newly weds made more stumps.

 The garden was to be  placed where the corral used to be.  #MRHUSBAND said, ” There is no way in all of creation  you are going to get those posts out to make a garden.” (Those were not his exact words but this is a family friendly blog) .

#mrswife invited the neighbours to help. He did not know how much the teenagers in the Valley needed to cut loose. (He did not know how much the teenager in me wanted to cut loose).  I had been a teen-ager more recently than he had.   The children of the Valley were all hired  to  all to come and help me get the posts out of the former corral ground area.  And,  I really do mean all.  I had come to the Valley the year before as a hired homemaker for a family with four children and the recently widowed father. Driving the four children to their various events, I got to know all the kids at the school. 

 The day of the corral party, I had many helpers.  Some workers. Some partiers. Some parents.  There were “wee ones” helping me chase the chickens, turkeys, cows and pigs away from the old corral ground.   We had “teen ones ” roping the posts like a steer.  Then,  they would pull the posts out of the ground with horse, truck and ATV. Some of the posts had to be wrapped with a chain to get the tractor to pull them out. 

When the old posts were all out of the ground, they were placed  upright together like a  bonfire. The neighbour women (who had come with their truck loads of children and to help feed the crowd of helpers) were the ones who  started the fire as the men were all away working the hay fields. 

We sang.  We danced,  We played games and we drank a lot of water.  We threw buckets of water on each other

We had portable B B Q for the home-made sausages, vegan wieners, hot dogs, steaks and chops.   We had long sticks for the marshmallows when the fire burned down low enough to be safe.  We had the horse trough full of ice and soda.  We had food enough to feed an army.  The women had brought preserves and pickles.  There was a ton of watermelon and ice-cream sandwiches in their portable coolers. 

 In the evening,  the men came in from the hay fields  and we ate again.  We had some huge potato salads, more steak and their favorite cold drinks…and fresh bread cooked on long sticks in the fire.  The teenagers were chopping down trees and kicking up their heels.  The wee ones had napped and come alive again. The party lasted till sundown as there was hay-making again tomorrow.

It was a great corral party and #mrswife  had her space for a garden.

The next day, alone again on the stump ranch…I prepared the garden for planting.  It was then, the magpies came and *laughed in the trees.

Today, almost 40 years later, three magpies came and sat in the pine tree in the yard outside the house in the city.  They were laughing in joy that the flood waters had receded and that my family and I were safe.(#yyc, #yychelps, #yycflood2013)

Thank you for reading the rambling behind the poem.

#BYOT how to tap into the seniors market (#BYOT bring your own teeth)

In Alberta we have new #hashtags since the flood http://ca.news.yahoo.com/why-albertas-floods-hit-hard-fast-092357418.html

#duckybootcountry  – the province formerly known as Alberta

and for the seniors being evacuated and moved to higher ground this is the list I was given this morning

#ATD              at the doctors

#BFF     best friend fainted

#BTW     bring the walker  (bring the wheelchair)

#CUATSC     see you at the senior`s centre

#DWI    driving while incontinent

#FWBB     friend with beta blockers

#FWIW     forgot where I was

#FYI    found your insulin

#MRHUSBAND     the one on the marriage license but I will be derned if I remember his name


#BYOT     bring your own teeth

As to how to really tap into the seniors market


  don`t use red ink,

don`t think we can`t understand

all your


#socialmedia terms,

#WWRNBSBWCNIYHOAI     when-we-are-not-being-served-because-we-cannot-IYHO-afford-it

(also known as Rodeo Drive syndrome from the Pretty Woman movie)

#WGICUZWSTWWMC      we get it CUZ we survived the war with morse  code,

and like #BradSzollse



http://www.amazon.com/Liquid-Leadership-Woodstock-Wikipedia-Multigenerational-Management/dp/1608320553 said in his book


#we-have-grandchildren-who-are-teaching-us-the-net-faster-than-you-can-shake-a-stick WHO  R MAKING US a very large and growing market.

* * * *

Another person who gets the over 40+crowd, the 50+crowd and the granniebloggers is Cendrine Marrouat


* * * *

In the new e-book http://www.michaelqtodd.com/“7 Pillars“

#HEGETSIT and will have a glossary of internet terms for #groovingelders

* * * *

There will be some new #hastags

in the days to come    one just hot off the presses is

#P$inthebank   pensiondirectdepostinthebanktoday


 or my all time favorite


***for more information regarding the care of the senior mega bucks consumer watch this #hashtag   #granniegram

Suitcases and rose petals

Suitcases and rose petals

My daughter and I found this while shopping ye...

Rose petals on the stair case.

Rose petals down the hall.

Rose petals leading to the sauna.

Rose petals on the garden wall.

The petals of the roses

Are now blowing in the wind;

As are  all the promises you gave me

 The night you took me in.

Why did I fall so deeply?

Why did I ever fall at all?

What was in

the  rose-covered suitcases

You had waiting in the hall?

English: The white rose

English: The white rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A radiant dream of your love


Beauty photo MaryHelen Ferris   Jasper 2008

I reclined.

I was  filling

myself with


loving grace.

I drifted.

I was living

in my happy place.

I dreamed you.

I was overjoyed

to see your face.

I reclined

Further into

light and sound’s own space.

I awakened.


Filled with the love

of knowing you.

Listening to the Master's Voice

Listening to the Master’s Voice  Photo MaryHelen Ferris

Where does Trust begin?

Where does Trust begin?

I sincerely believe it is an INSIDE JOB.

When I trust my heart, my capacity to love…

unconditionally….I can trust you.

What you do with that gift of trust is not my responsibility. 

Recently, I saw an aging man.

He does not trust.

He cannot trust.

He never learned to trust.

You give him love.

He does not trust it.

So I gave him love as the broken child

of the Creator that I saw him to be. 

I gave him the trust

I would have wanted him to always have known.

“How could you?”   I was asked.

I visualized I was standing at his grave-side

with the way things were between us.

All the childhood trauma,

violence surfaced in the conversation at his burial.

I gave myself a gift.

I treated him AS IF he were worthy of trust

when I saw him after the visualization.

I gave him the unconditional love

that the Creator has always given me.

I did not give up on the aging man.

The Creator has never given up on me.

You are wonderful…for my Joesphine


Greetings, sweet Soul, my dear heart, my life, my friend. You are always here at my journey’s end.

I see music when you smile.

I hear waterfalls cascading in the mountains in your laughter.

I bask in the Sunlight of the Spirit when your thoughts touch Soul.

I linger in the dream with your kiss on my pillow.

I put love in the meal as your words touch my hands.

Your sense of humour warms a chilly winter wind.

Your wisdom fascinates me.

Your memory lingers as the scent

of beautiful roses wafts upon the wind of lifetimes.

I remember you.

10409727_605092399589498_1652420678394876979_nYou are my sense of joy in the midst of grief.

You are my reflection of strength when I cannot speak.

You are the gentle hand that reaches across my shoulder when I sleep.

You are the kiss on the back of my neck when I am too weary to stand.

Your voice is the melody that comforts me across the ages.

You are the words of love filling lonely empty pages.

You are the dance that moves my feet.

You are the painting of love I see but have yet to capture.

Yours is the love in the moment of rapture.

You are the song my heart sings.

You are enchanting.

You are wonderful.

You are you.10004076_605604572871614_5492754034215029864_n

You are the part of me I know so well.

You are the joy and laughter, no words can tell.

Nothing more need be said. 

I am going to dream you back to me.

I am going to bring you out of my  head. 

I am inviting you home.

Time for Letting Go and Letting God…with artistry of Colin Hall

   https://www.facebook.com/colin.hall.313 10155310_575948629170542_8079504747551670804_n

“Daddy, I will miss you. It is time for you to go My tears they are for happy . I just want you to know.

I see the angels coming.They want you to be in peace I release you now my Daddy. My love for you will not cease. “

Then, the little girl bowed her head.

“If you miss me too much Daddy,  as I am going to miss your touch…just send for me my darling Daddy. I won’t want to stay here long. I love you, oh so much.

Then she opened her eyes …watched as the angels took him home. She loved him. She forgave him. She did not want to be alone. She knew he had stayed too long.

 Then she thought she  could hear him singing with the angel’s throng. “If, heaven’s not my Home Oh Lord, what will I do.”

How would her family move on?  How could she be there for them , when she could hardly be there for herself?

There was no mystery. She had to do what she had to do. Stay clean and sober. Go to meetings. Work on the steps. Talk with other addicts. Deal with it with her sponsor. Talk it over with the Creator. 

The grief would linger for many a year. She wanted to be with him. She shed many a tear. She wanted the pain to end. But she waited and she prayed. Till her Higher Power gave her sweet release. Then she knew, as her Father had done, a sweet surrender…a blessed peace…a the setting of the sun.