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Magpies laughter…then and now

English: Two Australian Magpies (Cracticus tib...

English: Two Australian Magpies (Cracticus tibicen) in Victoria Park, Sydney, in New South Wales, Australia. On the left is a juvenile (note the dark eyes) calling for food. The mother on the left has just obtained a piece of apple and is about to pass it over. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The magpies have gathered

In yonder tree 

In their laughter

I am becoming more free.

*if you have never heard magpies laugh

then read the story below.

Years ago,  we lived on a “Stump-ranch“.  Some years,  that is all we had for crops  was stumps.  Cutting down trees to build a home for the newly weds made more stumps.

 The garden was to be  placed where the corral used to be.  #MRHUSBAND said, ” There is no way in all of creation  you are going to get those posts out to make a garden.” (Those were not his exact words but this is a family friendly blog) .

#mrswife invited the neighbours to help. He did not know how much the teenagers in the Valley needed to cut loose. (He did not know how much the teenager in me wanted to cut loose).  I had been a teen-ager more recently than he had.   The children of the Valley were all hired  to  all to come and help me get the posts out of the former corral ground area.  And,  I really do mean all.  I had come to the Valley the year before as a hired homemaker for a family with four children and the recently widowed father. Driving the four children to their various events, I got to know all the kids at the school. 

 The day of the corral party, I had many helpers.  Some workers. Some partiers. Some parents.  There were “wee ones” helping me chase the chickens, turkeys, cows and pigs away from the old corral ground.   We had “teen ones ” roping the posts like a steer.  Then,  they would pull the posts out of the ground with horse, truck and ATV. Some of the posts had to be wrapped with a chain to get the tractor to pull them out. 

When the old posts were all out of the ground, they were placed  upright together like a  bonfire. The neighbour women (who had come with their truck loads of children and to help feed the crowd of helpers) were the ones who  started the fire as the men were all away working the hay fields. 

We sang.  We danced,  We played games and we drank a lot of water.  We threw buckets of water on each other

We had portable B B Q for the home-made sausages, vegan wieners, hot dogs, steaks and chops.   We had long sticks for the marshmallows when the fire burned down low enough to be safe.  We had the horse trough full of ice and soda.  We had food enough to feed an army.  The women had brought preserves and pickles.  There was a ton of watermelon and ice-cream sandwiches in their portable coolers. 

 In the evening,  the men came in from the hay fields  and we ate again.  We had some huge potato salads, more steak and their favorite cold drinks…and fresh bread cooked on long sticks in the fire.  The teenagers were chopping down trees and kicking up their heels.  The wee ones had napped and come alive again. The party lasted till sundown as there was hay-making again tomorrow.

It was a great corral party and #mrswife  had her space for a garden.

The next day, alone again on the stump ranch…I prepared the garden for planting.  It was then, the magpies came and *laughed in the trees.

Today, almost 40 years later, three magpies came and sat in the pine tree in the yard outside the house in the city.  They were laughing in joy that the flood waters had receded and that my family and I were safe.(#yyc, #yychelps, #yycflood2013)

Thank you for reading the rambling behind the poem.

#BYOT how to tap into the seniors market (#BYOT bring your own teeth)

In Alberta we have new #hashtags since the flood http://ca.news.yahoo.com/why-albertas-floods-hit-hard-fast-092357418.html

#duckybootcountry  - the province formerly known as Alberta

and for the seniors being evacuated and moved to higher ground this is the list I was given this morning

#ATD              at the doctors

#BFF     best friend fainted

#BTW     bring the walker  (bring the wheelchair)

#CUATSC     see you at the senior`s centre

#DWI    driving while incontinent

#FWBB     friend with beta blockers

#FWIW     forgot where I was

#FYI    found your insulin

#MRHUSBAND     the one on the marriage license but I will be derned if I remember his name


#BYOT     bring your own teeth

As to how to really tap into the seniors market


  don`t use red ink,

don`t think we can`t understand

all your


#socialmedia terms,

#WWRNBSBWCNIYHOAI     when-we-are-not-being-served-because-we-cannot-IYHO-afford-it

(also known as Rodeo Drive syndrome from the Pretty Woman movie)

#WGICUZWSTWWMC      we get it CUZ we survived the war with morse  code,

and like #BradSzollse



http://www.amazon.com/Liquid-Leadership-Woodstock-Wikipedia-Multigenerational-Management/dp/1608320553 said in his book


#we-have-grandchildren-who-are-teaching-us-the-net-faster-than-you-can-shake-a-stick WHO  R MAKING US a very large and growing market.

* * * *

Another person who gets the over 40+crowd, the 50+crowd and the granniebloggers is Cendrine Marrouat


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In the new e-book http://www.michaelqtodd.com/“7 Pillars“

#HEGETSIT and will have a glossary of internet terms for #groovingelders

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There will be some new #hastags

in the days to come    one just hot off the presses is

#P$inthebank   pensiondirectdepostinthebanktoday


 or my all time favorite


***for more information regarding the care of the senior mega bucks consumer watch this #hashtag   #granniegram

A radiant dream of your love


Beauty photo MaryHelen Ferris   Jasper 2008

I reclined.

I was  filling

myself with


loving grace.

I drifted.

I was living

in my happy place.

I dreamed you.

I was overjoyed

to see your face.

I reclined

Further into

light and sound’s own space.

I awakened.


Filled with the love

of knowing you.

Listening to the Master's Voice

Listening to the Master’s Voice  Photo MaryHelen Ferris



I was so moved by this video I am posting it as a stand alone item.

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Harold Klemp The reason for spiritual enlightenment…..

A Seed for Contemplation

The reason for spiritual enlightenment is not to escape life, but to learn how to live it richly, to enjoy it.

—Harold Klemp
The Language of Soul

Another quote

The Language of Soul

By Harold Klemp

The Language of Soulis a spiritual prescription for what ails a troubled world. Discover what you’ve always known in your heart.

Available at local and online bookstores and the Eckankar Online Bookstore

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God

Gather up the gatherers…..

Wrinkled Meat, medicine man from Cass Lake

Image via Wikipedia

Standing Bull - Medicine Man - Crow

Standing Bull - Medicine Man - Crow (Photo credit: Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library)

Florentine wood gatherers
Image via Wikipedia

The medicine people are speaking out.

Gather up the gatherers.

We are going to need them.

There is no doubt.

The tears are flowing.

The joy is in knowing.

We support one another  

in their field of dreams.

We work hand in hand

with loving kindness.

We use tools of respect,

mindfulness and grace.

Remembering when we

were in their place.

The medicine people

are speaking out

Gather up the  gatherers

We are going to need them

There is no doubt.

Call for the listeners.

Call for the seers.

Call for the dancers.

Call for the drummers.

Call for the singers.

The medicine people are speaking out

Gather up the  gatherers

We are going to need them

There is no doubt.

They will

bring in the people.

They will wild craft

the medicine.

They will sing

the healing songs.

They will thank

Mother Earth

with their dance. 

The medicine people are speaking out

Gather up the  gatherers

We are going to need them

There is no doubt.

Friday fast…..practicing the presence

English: Candle Polski: Świeca

Image via Wikipedia

Practicing the presence of the Master is such a gift.

I live alone.

I can worship.

I can serve.

I can give

love every moment of my day.

I can  live

in the presence of the Master

every moment

not just on the fasting day.

Learning, loving, growing, forgiving

 even when some unresolved situation comes up

I know that I can go into the quietude within,

(after I have let go and let God).

Learn the lesson.

Stand by to serve

with a different point of view. 

It has taken

many many footsteps,

some faltering, some bold

To live in this beautiful moment

Knowing whose hand that I hold. 

My Christmas wish for you beloved…….

English: Maryswood Inside the sitka, about 200...

Image via Wikipedia

Close- up of a delicate mushroom lit briefly b...

Image via Wikipedia

English: Snow on the Forest Floor (2) In the e...
Image via Wikipedia

It feels, for me,

like the


I always wanted for you;

knowing you are

safe from the storm.

I have watched you

battling everything

for everyone.

You needed, in my opinion,

a safe harbour to rest

and renew yourself.

You are a humble man

who Blesses All.

Always and all ways.

Perhaps you may be

Blessed in the

Arms of Spirit

as you Sleep.

I conjure up visions of

Beautiful Women

to bathe you,

soothe you,

and towel you

with soft ferns

from the forest floor.

They have prepared an arbour

of juniper, cedar and spruce.

It leads you to a quiet

“Cabin” of mosses, lichen and sage

which smell of

sweet grass and fresh ocean breezes.

There are

pine boughs, feathers of myriad birds

and a feast of your favorite foods,

books and song birds serenading you.

For warmth, there are furs

and a “rug” of the hide

of a summer lamb for your head.

There is a fire glowing with oranges and purples.

The sounds of Its crackling engulf you.

Its flames dance forward to you…

until they dance behind your eyes.

You are sleeping, dreaming into a deeper view

of the Ocean full of Love and Mercy.

Content, you meet with your Master

and grasp His eyes with yours.  You ask your

Questions, which, when barely formed,

are answered in His smile and His gentle Voice.

“All will be Well”

resonates until it becomes a “Knowingness” that


is yours to embrace.

The sorrows and pains of the Day are stilled.

In this Moment, there is a gentle breeze

stirring you.

A happy, joyous, warmth floods over your entire being.

You are One

with the Breeze,

the Fire,

the Ocean

and the Joy of the Blessing.

Loved ones surround you with their essences.

A protective Shielf of Light

envelopes you as you

reach deeper into your

Peaceful Place.

There is in this Moment,

the Love of the Master,

your Beloved,

and Loved Ones

of all your Lifetimes.

Soul knows it is Home.

You hear the Sound,

ride it further

into the Light and

become One

with the Light and Sound.

It is a glorious

Waterfall of colors

and you bask in its Bliss.

It is many hours until daybreak.

I am sitting Vigil

To greet you as you

return with the Dawn.

You smile a greeting.

It was a good Trip Home.

-MaryHelen Ferris

-aka Northern Madonna