Empire Avenue, a Social Experiment

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The activity on Empire Avenue resembles the stock market, but Wall Street does not have recreational investment games on the weekends. I like the Avenue because it allows me to meet and find new people writing all kinds of great content. The games are intended to socially introduce the members to each other in a non competitive way. Embedded treasure hunts are followed at your own pace. Reward bucks and accomplishment badges are the prizes given for participation, but the true reward is the exposure to the other players.  One way I learn about the other players is by completing missions, for which I am paid in Empire bucks.   This straightforward approach is better, in my opinion, than all the quid pro quo schemes I have seen in LinkedIn (like my page and I will like yours).  As any investor wants his stock to increase in value, so on…

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Effects of Stroke – Fatigue – National Stroke Association

Post-stroke fatigue is often confused with “being tired.” It is not necessarily the same as tiredness, because it arrives without warning and rest does not always make it better. Post-stroke fatigue can occur days, weeks, months or even years after a stroke. It occurs differently in every individual. Fatigue can greatly impact daily life and slow down recovery. Caregivers may need to be prepared to help stroke survivors manage their fatigue.

Source: www.stroke.org

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4 tips to deal with bad reviews

‘Be ready for negative comments. Bad reviews are part of life. Every author or business owner gets at least one that makes them wonder whether they should give up on their dreams. Ask me how I know. ;-) In this article, I would like to share four simple tips to help you deal with the situation in a positive manner.

Source: socialmediaslant.com

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Empire Avenue – my healers and teachers – gather here

eavleaders_badgeI love to learn.

I love great people.

 I enjoy a good game.

 I am more curious about life than most  folks.  

Empire Avenue  (http://empireavenue.com)

is the home of my mini university

and gathering place of the healers and teachers in my life. 

As a hermit, the above statements are unusual.  

As a senior over 71, who could not walk or talk upon joining Empire Avenue (a few short months ago) the praise I have for this wee game is nothing short of taking out a page in the New York Times. 

When, some folks found out I was challenged by the basics in life….they ran missions to help me learn and grow.  When other folks found out I am Canadian they coached and supported me…as they are the inspiration for players all across Canada.  

 I can from the comfort  of my walker….tour Dubai with Rami Kantari (e)RAMIKANTARI http://www.empireavenue.com/ramikantari or sit on a great front porch with (e)WTWY“s http://www.empireavenue.com/wtwy Mott.  (Here is a peak from his front porch .http://wp.me/paK5s-7gu

 The women on Empire are my delight.  Cendrine Marrouat (e)SOMEDIASLANT http://wp.me/paK5s-827   invited me to the game almost three years ago.   Joan Stewart https://www.empireavenue.com/JOANSTEWART1(e) in Africa keeps me here.

So if you are “`curiousier than the average bear `

Bears are great teachers for children and Empire Avenue players

Bears are great teachers for children and Empire Avenue players

- join me https://www.empireavenue.com/GR8LISTENER and meet some awesome folks.