Listening was not always a pleasure.

I did not want to hear about the war. 

I did not want to know about the violence…

neither  home nor abroad.

Now, as an adult – an aging crone who rocks –

I spend my day listening to the sound. 

It brightens my pathway.

It gives me great joy.

I combine It  with the light

There is love without alloy.

Empire Avenue Strikes Back #EmpireAve

Empire Avenue Strikes Back #EmpireAve

Originally posted on Empire Avenue:

Statement from founder and director of Empire Avenue Inc.  Duleepa Wijayawardhana

Congratulations to the Empire Avenue Community!

The Dev Team has asked for me to put a post on behalf of the organization:

We’ve hit 800 in those who have upgraded to become Leaders .

Volunteers and Moderators are here to help make Empire Avenue fun. Admins and Moderators chat regularly with the Dev and Support team at Empire Avenue and continue to share what is practical, what is possible.

We sincerely, Board Directors and all, thank you, the entire community for being positive and helping move Empire Avenue forward through your activity, comments and support for new players. We also acknowledge the invaluable work that our Admins and Moderators and particularly our hard working Team Leaders group have done and will continue to do voluntarily! Thanks to the voluntary organizational work of our Admins and Moderators we have…

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