New Israeli Tactical Medical Device “Zipped Up” Combat Wounds in Gaza

When it comes to tactical medicine, Israel is a world leader and has been responsible for no end of simple but highly effective devices from the Israeli Bandage to the Injured Personnel Carrier (IPC) and more.This time, Israel’s brand new “Top Closure” is “zipping up” serious combat wounds.Invented by an Israeli plastic surgeon, this device allows …


What now?

Colin Hall shares his talent at

Colin Hall shares his talent at

What now?

I would like to be at perfect peace….

perhaps for just a moment.

What now?

I have some chores to do, appointments to keep,

I do not have time to put healing first.

What now?

I am to surrender?

Right now?

I am to get out of Soul’s way

and breathe in the Sunlight of the Spirit?

Oh, this feels good.

This feels calm and right.

Oh, I do not know why I fought it.

Thank you, Creator,  for helping me

To sit still and wait for the “What now?

Poetess in the mountain trees  Banff National Park Canada - photo credit SOnny Alfredo Galea

Poetess in the mountain trees Banff National Park Canada – photo credit Sonny Alfredo Galea Sept 2008

Kitchen Knives Design Determined by the Fibonacci Sequence

Please take a moment to admire the beauty and elegance of Meeting Knife Set. Designed by Mia Schmallenbach, this Meeting Knife Set has an interesting concept, inspired by Fibonacci sequence, also like Apple logo. In according with the designer : “Meeting – Meeting is a set of kitchen knives: paring knife, carving knife, chef’s knife, filleting knife and their block. They all seem to be sculpted out of one piece of steel. The proportions are determined by the Fibonacci sequence with as it’s base the average width of a hand. This set was awarded the first prize of the Fifth European Award for Cutlery Creation and is edited by Deglon in Thiers (France).”