I thought I was alone…

Bears are great teachers for children and Empire Avenue players

I struggled.

I was broken.

I thought I was alone. 

It was only the beginning of the knowledge

of your love. 

You are always with me.

You sustain me in the darkest hour.

You gather me to your cloak of love and protection.

You are my beloved.

I thank you Higher Power.

I truly had thought I was alone.

Broken and shattered 

I approached this thy throne

Your love reached out to me in the darkest night.

Your love cleansed me and made everything right.

I am blessed to be under the shelter of thy wings.

I smile quietly at the mistaken thought…

I thought I was alone.

After vacuum cleaner ban, the EU targets hairdryers, kettles and even smartphones – Pocket-lint

The European Union has already clamped down on powerful vacuum cleaners and now it is turning its attention to smaller appliances and gadgets, such as

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Pushing the rope in the middle

As I watch the documentary I recall the words of an early mentor of mine. “You have to push the rope in the middle, Teresa.”

“Seriously?” I’m in disbelief. “What fool would push on a rope?

“Push the rope in the middle and run like hell,” he repeats. “The ends of the rope will always follow.”

Source: www.influenceandsuccess.com

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Highly Gifted People at Work

2% of our population is highly gifted (HG). Most of them do not know it ! Why 2%? Well that is a definition used by Mensa, taking the upper 2 % in IQ. This gives an IQ larger than approx. 140. I’ll give you more information in this lens: How to recogn…

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