Happy Fasting Day

I dedicate the day

To serving the beloved Master.

To be with Him all full of love

Can my heart beat any faster?

The laughter fills my heart with song.

I am loving each and every minute.

The gratitude attitude is love without limit

This loving life 

No cause for strife

I will give my service joy and love

Renewing within and without

His love for me 

Has set me free

Of that I have no doubt

I greet the dawn

I greet the dawn without a yawn because it is Soul who is finally stretching and arising,

The Masters love is so beautiful and fulfilling the new energy is surprising

I am magically, mystically laying in fields of mosses

The Joy I feel was worth the climb no vision know of losses

The Love renews me and gives me Love each and every minute

This is such a beautiful life I am glad that I am in It.