Let me serve

Today, may I, dear Master::

serve with love

serve with purpose

stay in the

moment of surrender.

Treat all with your love.

Smile with your grace

May I serve dear Master

With .a smile of

love on my face.

May my eyes

reflect your wondrous peace

May my heart

be open by listening

for another Soul’s release.

May I stand in the gap

for my brother so bold

who in practicing

freedom sleeps in the cold.

May I practice your prescence

in all I do and say.

May I act with love.

May you have your own way, dear Master.

Let me serve.

Just for today.

How may I serve you today?

I have a friend who prays

May I serve one addict today.

There is another who leads

With her chin

Just keeps on going,

Facing the world with a grin.

I will sing your praise

To all that I greet.

I will mix in laughter.

Give a hug on the street.

Give a smile to my neighbour.

I won’t mind if she nags.

Listen to a great-grandmother

Look at the wonderful pictures

As she brags.

I can serve you

Through the eyes of your child

I will give praise by being in the moment.

I will do the next right thing.

I will get out of self

Into serving the other.

Showing you I am willing

To learn and recover.

May I keep my heart

Open to hear your Voice.

May I always be willing.

May I always rejoice.

May I see your beauty

In every tree and rock.

May I be full of acceptance

For each step that I walk.

May I be mindful

Of the blessings given me.

May I be hearing your Voice

When another needs to talk.

This will be my mantra

As I go on my way

May I practice your presence

Throughout this Day.

Prayers of our Father’s

The prayers of our Father’s

the wars they fought

gave us the freedoms

shared by our Mothers

with joys they taught:

Us to be kind to one another

To help someone in need

To give without ceasing

To return love always in every situation.

With these four things in place

we can remain a free nation.

Dedication of my day…Third Step Prayer in my Meditation


Photo by Olivia Kachman- Visual Ccocktail – Grande Prairie  Oct 20, 2008

May I serve

as  I make a conscious choice.

May I  surrender

and listen to your Voice.

May I dedicate

each step I take to being in your service.

May I speak

my truth honestly…no more being nervous.

May I see

your beauty hiding behind and through every smile.

May I open my heart

as I travel each and every mile.

May I  listen

always to your Will in my life.

May I always rejoice.

May I always be listening

surrendered to your Voice.

May I be grateful

for all your blessings.

May have acceptance.

..mo more second guessing.

(As I look at the trees all covered with frost

My heart goes out to those lonely and lost.)

May I give

of my pittance.

May I share

it with joy.

May I do your will .

May I throw

my perceive troubles over the hill.

I ask these things Master

On Soul’s bended knee.

May I today

be more like Thee.

The dream catcher from the youth

The dream catcher from the youth

….it has thrilled me and that is the truth.

In actual fact it is very pleasing to me.

It has all the colours of my

beaded window and sparkles back at me.

I love the thoughtfulness of this wonderful gift.

It gifts my heart and spirit a life.

I love it for not only the fact it was given…

I love it because it gives purpose to my living.

Miracles round the fire


English: Homeless veteran in New York

English: Homeless veteran in New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Street musician in Amsterdam

English: Street musician in Amsterdam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Homeless man, Tokyo. Français : Un sa...

English: Homeless man, Tokyo. Français : Un sans abri à Tokyo. Español: Persona sin hogar, en las calles de Tokio. Türkçe: Evsiz adam, Tokyo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I will take you now  to my hearts desire

To view the miracles around the fire.


Their clothes are previously loved.

They are not.

Today…they don their new clothes

Given by someone who loves them

For where they are on their journey.

They share laughter and the cold of rejection

Of job applications which are not accepted

because of the line:

“No fixed address”

Their talent is overlooked.

Someone who is interviewing is not “homeless.”

Someone who is interviewing is not listening with their heart.

These are the consequences one has to face

When for some unknown reason they have dropped their pace.

So like any other fighter in a war…

They dust their selves off.

They come back for more.

More of the love

That keeps them going.

More of the encouragement

That keeps them knowing.

The fire of Spirit

is glowing bright

Inside them.

They can make it

Through another night.

They cuddle together

For non-romantic reasons…

It is forty below

This holiday season.

They band together.

They stay close by the fire.

Someone broke through

That snob ceiling.

Someone has a job with some cash.

They will help one another

Ttrough thick and through thin…

These homeless of my city

We will teach one another to win.

I am privileged to be a survivor,

Of the warming fires of winter,

The cold empty street.

Someone gave me a hand up.

It has made my life complete.


So now I join the circle

With a different point of view.

It is my privilege to stand in the gap.

I am here to help you too.

I will do for you what others have done for me.

I will love you till you can love your self.

So keep on believing

Knowing you do not have to

put your dreams on the shelf.

We can do it together.

We can keep on keeping on.

We will do the next right thing.

We will stand together.

We will share that desire

Of love and commitment…

Us miracles around the fire.



The strength of the Woman – Miss Benita

While walking through life you are bound to meet

The heart of a woman who has embraced her mission

One who is gracious, loving and kind, light on her feet.

She is may be outspoken, she may be quiet withdrawn.

Her strength and her beauty is original, her own.

She draws it directly from heaven’s own throne.

Her kindness and laughter you can see in her walk.

From none of life’s duties will you see her balk.

She brightens the room and gives life a shine.

She has challenges and down times don’t kid yourself

She embraces them and learns from, she does not hide or pine.

Her qualities I admire and put on heart’s shelf.

I give thanks for the example she is in my life.

I send thoughts and prayers out to her today.

Asking the Creator to help smooth her way.

Thanks dear Benita, it is of you I spoke.

I dedicate this tribute to you.

I give thanks for your love to each of us here.

You are a blessing in our Elder’s and Senior’s lives.

Thanks so much my dear.

Saturdays I miss Mom the most


Photo courtesy Thomas Quantz    Thanksgiving 2007      Calgary     My last visit with Mother on Earth

I could see forever in your eyes Mother.

You sense of humour was amazing.

It probably still is.

Saturdays I miss you the most.

I will feel your love on the breeze.

Often when I go for long walks

I remember the forest

Our special talks.

On Saturday evenings we would spend time on the phone.

Your laughter filled my heart.

I was never alone because you were near.

I am now not alone because it is clear

All that your taught me

I am finding it is true.

I just reach for the Master’s hand

When I am feeling blue.

The cook made wonderful cinnamon rolls.

The smell of them took me home to you.

I remember, once in particular,  on the ranch

You had a large pot of beans in the oven

Some cinnamon buns spoke of your loving.

It is seven months ago you went to the Master.

I am not finding my days…especially

Saturdays go very much faster.

The grieving is natural.

I need to practice your presence more.

I think I will come visit you in the dreamscape.

You on that far distant shore.

Last month when your anniversay day came around

I was lost.

I went to sleep early.

I had a large new mirror by my bed.

I looked and I saw your reflection instead.

What an honour.

How wonderful it would be

When I truly find the gracious qualities of Mother in me.

On Saturdays or any day

I want to honour your love with my life.


Prayer from the forest floor

img_0245Photo by Sonny Galea    Jasper National Park Canada Sept 1, 2008

Master, help me take it in stride…

Some of the loneliness

That I want to  hide.

When I do not have enough courage

To speak my mind

Help me to make good choices.

Let me know

it is just a balancing act

Let me deal with it with  love

Help me to “shift gears”

Until the LIght

and Sound appears.

Help me continue to listen

To your voice in the night.

To be open,

To be kind,

To choose what is right.

I do not have to respond

To the vicious attacks

Perhaps your gentleness

Is what the situation lacks….

Let me return

to that bright summer day.

When all I needed

was some time away.

To be with my

thoughts and memories

Clearing my mind

of the thoughts of home.

Missing my departed parents…

Finding them there on the forest floor.

Wanting to embrace them

Just once more.

“Master, help me take it in stride

The fact that my parents have died.

Help me to look at the fact they have “translated”

Then my life will feel more elated.

They taught me well

How to manage alone.

They always enjoyed

Our conversations

on the phone.

Help me to connect

with them with the love

That they are sending

to me from above.

Teach me this silence

Teach me to pray

Teach me to listen

Teach me to serve you always.”

This is my prayer from my broken spirit

I am relying on the fact that you hear it.

“Help me to make choices.

Help me to serve

with love.

Help me to listen

with compassion.

Help me to

always look

with the eyes of gratitude

Help me to be a co-worker with God.”

Dear Master, help me take it in stride…

I now surrender this attitude.

Teach me this silence.

Teach me to pray.

Teach me to see your

Beauty each day.”

It has been a good walk in the forest.

It is a good start to my day.

“Thank you dear Master

For showing the way.

Teach me this silence.

Teach me to pray.”